REST API v1 Resources

Digital Content Purchases

The following endpoints can be used to make automated purchases of digital content. These are all POST requests and can be executed in any programming language.

Resource Description
POST single_buy

This method performs a single automated purchase and returns an alphanumeric code that can be used to download the content being purchased.

Codes can be be returned in the response or sent directly to intended recipients as links via email or SMS message.

POST mass_buy

Same as single buy but allows you to do mass automated purchases up to 2000 with one network connection


The following endpoints can be used to request information about past automated purchases.

Resource Description
POST request_lookup

This method returns information regarding the status of a single automated purchase request.

Information returned includes, when the request was created, the app purchased, the API method used, where the download link was sent to, whether or not it was redeemed, when it was reedemed, etc.

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